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jenny-cookerBefore I start introducing myself, let me give you a warm welcome to my website!

My name is Jenny Brooks, a passionate cooker. Pressure Cookers HQ is my blog where I write everything I know about pressure cooking. Everything started when I was just a girl, my mom had to go work and I stayed at home with my grandma. Mom was lucky enough to go home everyday at lunchtime. Me and my grandma would cook everyday for the three of us. I have to say that mine was a wonderful childhood.

This is how my passion for cooking began, as I grew up, my grandma taught me many quick recipes for incredible foods, and a few sophisticated recipes for even more incredible foods :)

One of the most important things at cooking that grandma taught me when I was just a girl, was that the pressure cooking is so important to keep the vitamins and nutrients in vegetables that it’s important to always have one in the kitchen, no matter if you’re just an amateur cooker or a professional one.

Using the best pressure cooker can dramatically improve the quality of your cooking.

This is what this website is about, pressure cookers, makers, models, prices and full reviews.

Through different articles I’ll do my best to try to guide you to the perfect one for you. You can be sure that you won’t be disappointed if you read my pressure cooker buyer’s guide.

Well, I hope you like my site, please don’t hesitate in contacting me if you need something.


Pressure Cookers HQ