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Best Pressure Cooker Reviews – New 2016 Buyer’s Guide

Pressure cookers are a valuable commodity in a kitchen that is utilized a lot. Many people use these appliances for canning food as well as preparing meals at a much faster rate than can be done in a regular pot. Here, we'll help you find the best pressure cooker that fits your needs.

When it comes to deciding which pressure cooker to buy, two main types differentiate from each other: aluminum and stainless. Which one to pick up and buy depends on a lot of factors. An aluminum pressure cooker is less expensive, but the shelf life tends to be shorter as well. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is easily stained, so be wary of this when deciding on a purchase. Stainless steel pressure cookers are strong and durable. The price tag is a bit steeper in this type, but it stands up to the tests of time without incident. Sadly, stainless steel does not conduct heat as well as aluminum. Just keep reading to get access to many pressure cooker reviews that will help you understand how this kitchen tool works.

What to know more about what pressure cookers are? You can take a look at this article.

How does a pressure cooker works?

A pressure cooker works by heating up water inside a sealed container. The water boils and evaporates into hot steam, which cooks your food.

Pressure cookers are fast because steam can become very hot, cooking food faster than hot water or a pan. Any food that you can cook in a liquid can go in a pressure cooker, so almost anything works.

Food will cook quickly and you will generally not be able to open the cooker partway through to check on it. That means you'll need to know exactly how long your food needs to cook in advance.

This isn't that hard to determine, because there are tables online that can give you cook times based on what you are cooking and how much of it you plan to use, but it is important to keep track.

The end result is a delicious meal that cooks quickly and uses less energy, saving you money.

Pressure cooker reviews are very important to understand that these tools are often bulky, so they will take more space than a regular pot, but you can find one in a size that corresponds to your needs.

The Important Pressure Cooker Debate: Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel

Pressure Cookers are designed for a fast-paced, health-conscious lifestyle. It uses steam to cook foods evenly, speeds up cooking, and uses less energy. The steam remains sealed under a special airtight lid allowing the flavors and vitamins to be retained during the cooking stage. This process allows a cook to produce nutritious healthy food in a convenient and consistent fashion. The best pressure cooker could be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Which one to choose depends on several factors.

An aluminum pressure cooker is less expensive, but the shelf life tends to be shorter as well. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is easily stained, so be wary of this when deciding on a purchase. Stainless steel pressure cookers are strong and durable. The price tag is a bit steeper in this type, but it stands up to the tests of time without incident. Sadly, stainless steel does not conduct heat as well as aluminum.

Choices, choices, choices! With so many pressure cookers being sold, it’s no wonder you may be confused with so many top-notch models available in today’s market. When evaluating each model, you need to decide whether aluminum or stainless steel fits your requirements. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Once you evaluate the benefits to each, you'll be able to find the model just right for your kitchen.

Aluminum Pressure Cookers

What are the pros and cons of purchasing an aluminum pressure cooker?


  • Aluminum material offers a lightweight design and cost less than stainless steel models. This will be you an advantage if you have to buy a pressure cooker and are in a budget.
  • The lightweight feature makes them easier to transport when filled.
  • Aluminum is a great conductor of heat, allowing for more even cooking throughout.
  • Aluminum pressure cookers are available in a variety of sizes.


  • Aluminum pressure cookers cost less money so they may not be as durable as stainless steel models.
  • Aluminum pressure cookers cost less money so they may not be as durable as stainless steel models.
  • Aluminum does not come with a non-stick coating nor is it stain resistant – so clean up may present a bit of a challenge.
  • There is also the potential to burn food as aluminum is a thinner metal.

Stainless steel pressure cookers

What are the pros and cons of purchasing a stainless steel pressure cooker?


  • Stainless steel pressure cookers are heavier than aluminum versions but they are much more durable.
  • The long lasting, lustrous finish is an important reason to choose a stainless steel model.
  • Stainless steel resists corrosion and is scratch and warp resistant.
  • Stainless steel pressure cookers it will not stain and are often easier to clean than aluminum cookers.
  • Stainless steel will not interact with food products including tomatoes.c


  • The stainless steel material is not as good of a heat conductor therefore you can expect your cooking times to be extended.c
  • the stainless steel material is not as good of a heat conductor therefore you can expect your cooking times to be extended.
  • Aluminum does not come with a non-stick coating nor is it stain resistant – so clean up may present a bit of a challenge.
  • They are pricier than aluminum versions.

Are you ready to pick the best pressure cooker for you? So what’s it going to be: An aluminum or stainless steel pressure cooker? The two most important factors could be concluded as price and durability. Aluminum models are cheaper but harder to clean and will wear with age and use. Stainless steel models cost more money but easier to clean and will look new for many meals to come. Make the choice that is right for you. Either way, your new pressure cooker will offer you nutritious healthy food in a convenient cooking manner to fit your busy lifestyle.

Lightweight Pressure Cookers

Cooking with high pressure traditionally requires heavy kitchen appliances, but if you're looking into buying a lightweight pressure cooker, we strongly suggest you one that is made of aluminum, since the aluminum itself is super lightweight. In this case, the best lightweight pressure cooker we can recommend you is the Presto 1755 16-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner. It weights around 10.5 pounds and is a perfect fit for most of the average users.

What are the benefits of pressure cooking?

People often forget about the humble pressure cooking when they plan their meals, and that is a culinary tragedy. Pressure cooking offers several advantages that other cooking methods cannot match. Pressure cookers are fast, efficient, and they preserve nutrients that can be lost through other cooking methods. It isn't always easy to find recipes that were designed with pressure cooking in mind, but the method's advantages mean that it's often worth the effort.

Cooking fast

All pressure cooker reviews you read will tell you that by using this kitchen appliance is the fastest way to cook food for large groups of people. A microwave oven can be just as quick when cooking small dishes, but their low capacity means that they fall behind when cooking for more than one or two people at a time. Pressure cookers are fast because they use very little water, which means they can reach their cooking temperature relatively quickly. Overfilling the pressure cooker with too much water can remove this advantage, so it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when cooking. Additionally, pressure cookers can heat food from every angle at once, which also contributes to their speed.

Cooking efficiently

Pressure cooking uses less water and energy than most other cooking methods, so it's better for the environment and contributes less to utility bills than those methods. Several factors contribute to the method's efficiency. Pressure cookers rely on trapped steam, which means they function with very little water. Using less water means using less energy to heat it, and the fast cooking speed also means using less energy.

Preserving nutrition

Most cooking methods degrade the nutrients in food over time. Water can leech minerals out of food as it cooks, while vitamins often break down at high temperatures. Traditional cooking methods often involve both of those things, which can lead to serious nutritional loss while the food is prepared. Pressure cooking avoids both of those problems. It uses very little water, and that water evaporates quickly, so most minerals will stay in the food as it cooks. It does cook food at high temperatures, but it does so quickly, which minimizes the time that vitamins have to break down. Every cooking method will lead to some loss of nutrition, but pressure cooking minimizes the damage.

Cooling the kitchen

Traditional stoves and ovens give off a lot of heat because they are exposed to the air. That reduces their energy efficiency, but it can also heat up a kitchen to uncomfortable levels. Cooling the kitchen down takes time that many cooks don't have, which forces them to work in discomfort. Pressure cookers are very well insulated, so they don't lose nearly as much energy to the environment while they cook. That makes them a great choice for hot summer days, since they aren't likely to heat the kitchen up too much.

Top 10 Best Pressure Cooker Reviews

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

This dual-pressure electric pressure cooker has 14 cooking programs for poultry, meat or stew, beans or chili, steaming, sautéing, making porridge, making yogurt, pasteurizing, preparing rice, preparing multi-grain dishes, preparing fermented rice (Jiu Niang), slow cooking, and automatic warming. You can choose from three temperature settings for sautéing and slow-cooking. The programs are controlled by a built-in micro-processor, so you don't even have to watch the cooking time to be sure that your food is prepared correctly and not over-cooked. The high pressure setting reduces cooking time 70%, but use the low-pressure setting to avoid overcooking delicate foods. The bottom of this durable food grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel cooking pot is composed of three-ply stainless steel. This pressure cooker is UL and ULC certified and comes with ten safety mechanisms, a stainless steel steam rack with a handle, a manual, and recipes written in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. This one is ideal for those who are looking for the best pressure cooker. The control panel is large and easy to use, and the exterior of brushed stainless steel resists fingerprints. The seal does not allow steam to escape, nor will this pressure cooker heat up your kitchen. You can choose the five-quart size, the eight-quart size, or the 10-quart size.

All-American 41-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker is designed for canning rather than cooking. It uses a metal-to-metal seal rather than gaskets so that the seal does not allow even steam to escape, but it has an automatic overpressure release. The geared steam gauge can be set to 5 psi, 10 psi, or 15 psi. This is the best pressure cooker and is made of hand-cast aluminum with a satin finish. You can choose among sizes from 10-1/2 quarts to 41-1/2 quarts. The 10-1/2 quart model holds seven pint jars or four quart jars. The 15-1/2 quart model holds 10 pint jars or seven quart jars. The 21-1/2 quart model holds 19 pint jars or seven quart jars. The 30 quart model holds 19 pint jars or 14 quart jars, and the 41-1/2 quart model holds 32 pint jars or 14 quart jars.

MIU France Stainless Steel Professional 8-Qt. Pressure Cooker

You can use this pressure cooker on gas, electric, induction, or halogen stovetops. It has two cooking levels. Level one cooks slowly at low pressure for delicate foods. Level two uses higher pressure and reduces cooking time by two-thirds. The cooking pot is composed of impact-bonded stainless steel which ensures rapid and even heat distribution. The lid is designed with a fully automatic locking system that will not allow it to open while the pot is pressurized. This pressure cooker should be washed by hand and not placed in the dishwasher.

Fagor Premium Electric Pressure and Rice Cooker

This electric pressure cooker has settings for browning, simmering, steaming, sautéing, cooking meat or beans, and warming. When using it as a rice cooker, you can choose from three built-in settings. You can choose the high pressure setting to reduce cooking times or the low pressure setting for slow cooking delicate foods. Cooking times can be programmed for up to 99 minutes and set on time delay for up to six hours. The lid is self-locking, and the cooking pot has a non-stick surface and can be removed to be washed in the dishwasher. The stainless steel exterior features a control panel with soft touch control buttons and an LED screen. This pressure cooker comes with recipes and a user's manual. You can choose either the six-quart or the eight-quart size. Taking into account the price of this product, it's indeed the best pressure cooker.

Magefesa Star 6.3 Quarts Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker reduces cooking times by up to 70% and can be used on your own cooking surfaces. It has a non-stick interior and an easy-fit lid with a pressure control system and three safety systems including a progressive closing system and a security clamp. The exterior of the lid and pot consist of 18/10 mirror-polished stainless steel. This pressure cooker should be hand washed. It should not be placed in the dishwasher.

Presto 01365 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker - Deluxe


This is a high-speed pressure cooker that features a pressure release device and a cover lock that keeps the pressure cooker sealed until the pressure is reduced. It has an automatic pressure regulator that maintains the proper cooking pressure for you, is dishwasher safe and includes a stainless steel rack. If you’re looking to cook healthy, great tasting meals, this pressure cooker will cook three to ten times faster than normal cooking.

There are many advantages to this pressure cooker. One of the best is that you are able to cook meals like braised meats in only 30 minutes to an hour. If you’re a busy mom, being able to cook a really healthy and tasty meal is insanely great. Normally you would have to cook a pot roast for five hours but you can cook it under an hour with the pressure cooker. And, if you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s great for cooking vegetables because it comes with a steam basket so you can cook your vegetables and still retain all their nutrients. The pot is really easy to clean and saves you time and money in the long run.

Prestige Deluxe Aluminum Pressure Cooker


The Prestige deluxe is a quality aluminum cooker with a thick base and strong lugs that gives the cooker a long life and is safe to use. The cooker has a 2-in-1 safety device that rises when there is pressure inside the cooker and lowers as the pressure is reduced. It comes fully assembled and can be used for normal dinners at home or cooking in bulk. It’s also easy to clean and has a non-stick bottom.

The features on the Prestige Deluxe are great if you’re new to pressure cooking. The 2-in-1 safety device really makes it the best pressure cooker and will help you know how much pressure has built up inside the so there is no guessing. It’s also easy to make entire meals with the pot which is a great time saver and it measures up to 5 liters for cooking in large amounts. On busy nights, it’s so nice to have something that will cook your meal quickly so you can have something on the table when the kids are complaining they are starving.

Concord 8-Quart Pressure Cooker


The Concord 8-Quart is made of high-quality stainless steel with a three layered capsule bottom. It has a multi-safety device and is energy efficient. It’s great for cooking quick meals on those really busy days or for cooking stews and soups when the weather turns cold. Its tall design cuts down on splashing onto the pressure release valves which helps with cleaning. This is a solid machine and well-built so it will last you awhile.

One of the best things about the Concord 8-Quart is that it can be used for pressure cooking and also for canning. If you’re not a serious canner or can small quantities, then this size canner will be perfect for you. It’s awesome to be able to use all the vegetables in your garden or make some jam and jelly for the winter. You can also save money by making your own salsa and pickles instead of buying them at the store. It cooks very quickly which also helps conserve gas and electricity by cooking in a fraction of the time it would take normally.

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

The Presto 01781 can be used as a boiling water canner for making preserves, jams and jellies as well as pickles and salsa. It can also be used as a normal large capacity pressure cooker. It’s made of warp-resistant heavy-gauge aluminum that helps it cook your food fast and evenly. It has several safety features including a secure lid that locks down during canning and cooking with an inner seal that keeps the steam in for faster cooking time. Additional safety features include a pop-up pressure indicator plus a steam release mechanism and an overpressure plug that releases excessive built up steam. It’s an extra-large size which is perfect for canning and includes a canning/cooking rack and an extended 12-year limited warranty.

The Presto 01781 is great if it’s a week night but you still want to cook a nice family meal. If you grow a lot of fruit and vegetables or like to hit your local farmer’s market, this cooker is great for making preserves and jams. You can also use it to make tomato sauce, pickles or salsa depending on what you like. Because of its size and the amount you are able to can, this is the best pressure cooker and a great canner for someone experienced that is serious about canning. The Presto is safe and versatile and is capable of canning hundreds of pounds of food. If you’re new to canning, the air vent/cover lock is a great feature that only allows pressure to start to build once the cover is closed properly and then keeps the cover from opening again until the pressure is lowered. You never have to guess if it’s safe to open.

Presto 01745 16-Quart pressure Canner and Cooker

The Presto 16-Quart Pressure Canner can also double as a canner for preserving jams and jellies and is also safe for low-acid foods like vegetables, fish and meat. It’s made of strong, warp-resistant aluminum which is great for use on regular and smooth-top ranges. The Presto 16-Quart comes with a cooking/canning rack and includes complete canning instructions and recipe book.

This canner is perfect for someone starting out or for someone who doesn’t want to can a ton of food. It also has the air vent/cover lock safety feature so you only have pressure when the lid is closed correctly and you cannot open it again until the pressure is reduced. The Presto 16-Quart can also double as a water bath canner for pickles, jam or jellies and salsa. It’s a sturdy piece so you can use it on your stove top for either canning of cooking. It’s an excellent pressure cooker and canner for someone just getting started or for the experienced cook.

No matter what your comfort level, there is a pressure cooker and canner designed just for you. Take your time looking at the different options and decide on what features you need and you'll be cooking and canning like a pro in no time!


Eating delicious meals is a real pleasure wherever you are. But eating the same delicious meal, healthier, is even better. The best pressure cooker is not that expensive, taking into account that it will enable you to cook keeping the food's proteins and minerals.

Safety is a very important factor when deciding which pressure cooker to buy. If you have read all of our pressure cooker reviews  then you already have most of the information you need to pick the perfect one for your kitchen. You must remember that the water is boiling inside and the steam produced at high temperatures produces so much pressure that cheap ones may become dangerous to you and your family.

We recommend you highly consider purchasing a stainless steel pressure cooker due to the safety factor mentioned above. If you really understand the risks of using a aluminum pressure cooker, then go on. We really hope we've accomplished our main task of helping you find the best pressure cooker.